Do you know anyone from the state of Zacatecas in México? There are a lot of people from Zacatecas in our community. Ask them about their birthplace after seeing the pictures in this issue.

Pictures of Zacatecas

Héctor M. Flores, LULAC National President during his visit to "Sabor Latino", the Latino Radio Station in South Bend. (Photo: Luis Méndez)

Going for a call for help.

Several months ago, we got the news about Luis Rodrigo-Camacho. Luis is a boy of 11 years old which is suffering a sickness that with time can be very dangerous for his life.

Luis has problem with his kidney. Luis right now is living with dialysis most of his time waiting for a surgery of transplant of kidney. This surgery has a cost of $75,000.00 dollars.



On November 19, 2003 Frank Pizaña, Drug Free Noble County, Isaac García, Centro Vida, LaGrange County, and Gilberto Pérez, NEC attended a meeting in Chicago, IL along with community mental health center’s from the Chicago area, and community organizations to discuss make-up of partnership between the UNAM, Mexican Consulate, CMHC’s and community organizations.


Foreign enrollment up

INDIANAPOLIS -- The number of foreign students in Indiana colleges increased in the first full academic year after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to a new report. Nationwide, international enrollment rose just 0.6 percent, to 586,323, the smallest increase since 1995.


Indy Restaurant Takes Action Prior to Council’s Smokefree Vote

El Comal Inc. Taqueria’s Move to Eliminate Smoking Sections Comes Four Days Before a City-County Council Vote to Make All Local Workplaces Smokefree

Indianapolis (November 7, 2003) ­ By next week, a plan could be in place to make all Marion County restaurants smokefree. One west-side eatery has decided not to wait.