Liza Guedea, shares with her daughter Genevieve Carreño, some of the family’s Thanksgiving traditions.

On November 27th, 2004, took place the birthday celebration for Vonnie Romero, who looks at the world with real big eyes. (photo: Tito Guedea).

Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives Fact Sheet

In 1998, the Smithsonian Institution’s Board of Regents established the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives, stating, “The Latino presence in the Americas is centuries old, culturally rich, and demographically vast and growing… The Center is dedicated to the generation of new knowledge…to the end that American history and culture may be understood and displayed in all its diversity.”


China Widens Economic Role in Latin America

Chile - The expected arrival of President Bush, who personifies for Latin Americans the economic and political power of Washington, is being greeted with an uneasy mix of protests and hopes for greater growth.

But while the United States may still regard the region as its backyard, its dominance is no longer unquestioned. Suddenly, the presence of China can be felt everywhere, from the backwaters of the Amazon to mining camps in the Andes.