La Virgen de Guadalupe, is celebrated on December 12th to commemorate the appearance of the Virgin Mary to an Indio boy in 1531. She is the mother of all Mexicans, the saviour and succour of the indigenous spirit, protectress of the poor, dark, ailing and humble. She is the Dark Madonna of Indian features, who appeared just after the invasion by the white-skinned Europeans. Since early morning Sunday Catholics started arriving to the cathedral to sing the “Mañanitas” and to listen to the mass in honor of the Virgin. In the celebration at San Adalbert’s church in South Bend, these young girls customed with traditional dresses, brought offerings of flowers, the poinsettia of the season, or roses like the ones Guadalupe sent to the bishop, as proof of her apparition.

This is a picture of the Congressional Delegation meeting with four tribal leaders during a tribal dinner in the Khyber Pass where Osama Bin Laden is believed to be hiding. From left to right: Congressman Chocola, Congressman Lincoln Davis (D-TN), Congressman Pence, and Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ).


“Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement”

“Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits of Latino Achievement,” open to the public at the History Center from December 19 * March 13, 2005, presents an illustrated anthology of inspirational stories that celebrate Latino achievement in the United States. The exhibition was developed by the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives and organized for travel by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES). The exhibition, its national tour and related programs are made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund. “Our Journeys/Our Stories” is expected to travel to eight U.S. cities through 2006.


Immigrant weight gain Study: Sedentary U.S. lifestyle, poor diet increases foreigners’ girth.

Long-term exposure to American culture may be hazardous to immigrants’ health.

A new study found that obesity is relatively rare in the foreign-born until they have lived in the United States — the land of drive-thrus, remote controls and double cheeseburgers — for more than 10 years.