The same God, creator of all things in the universe, sent His Son to be with us and teach us about love and faith. Singing angels preceded His birth, chanting: “Peace on earth to everyone”. He came to teach us how to love one another, and to love God.

It is at this time of the year when we remember about the miracle of his birth and his gift of love.

In the midst of many other messages that talk to us about hate, revenge, violence, and war, we can choose to listen to his message of love and forgiveness.

Sometimes when we look around we find no way out of the problems created by humankind. The problems are very real. Hunger, injustice, pain, persecution are the daily events in the lives of thousands throughout the world, yet in that same world, we see individuals who rise above those circumstances. They are regular human beings, but their faith and love makes them walk above the conflict.

In the same world full of cynicism and lack of any beliefs, we have the opportunity to live beyond those parameters, breaking all limitations by living our faith.

Jesus was able to raise the dead, heal the sick, make the blind see and the paralytic walk. He also said that all who believed, in His name would be able to do that and many other things.

I believe in a God who is so powerful that everyone and everything must submit to Him.

I believe in a God who is always ready to hear the suffering people calling for justice and mercy. I believe in a God that will not keep still before the need of the many who feel persecuted, and desperate.

I think that God has sent the poor knocking at the door of the wealthiest country in the world, to give them the opportunity to confront their sin of overabundance and lack of compassion.

I think that when the poor and sick come near you, He is giving you the opportunity to repent and change by embracing those who are different.

He is giving us the opportunity to share at times of abundance or scarcity. But because the earth is His, he can give enough for everyone.

The poor came and spoke. They stood at our door and cried for a place. They came speaking of places where the powerful have wronged them and they thought they would find a place to be here. They are giving people in U.S. the opportunity to love and through that love obtain everything.

I see the undocumented workers leaving now. Many have decided to leave on their own because they feel persecuted and hated. Others have been deported. Their families, especially the young children, cannot understand why this is happening to them. They do not know why there is not enough food at home and why their parents have not been able to work.

They see the big red clothed men laughing and giving away presents in TV, the movies and at every store. Why are the others happy? Why can they laugh and spend? Where is the sharing and Christmas spirit? Are we all talking about the same God?

How can we explain these to children? How do we talk about Christian love that is only for some and not for everyone? Above all, how can we talk about Christmas as if it were one day of partying and not an entire life to live daily the love of God?

God sent a vulnerable child among us to teach us about love. Have we learned the lesson?