Everyday we hear from people that are frustrated with the situation locally and at many places in the United States.  People feel that they are losing everything they have worked hard for. They feel persecuted and cornered by the new laws that invalidate all their ‘legal’ ways of existence in this country.

Right now in Indiana, immigrants have been receiving letters from the BMV.  The letters prompt them to submit a social security number in order to have a valid license; if they do not comply their license becomes void. That is not the entire problem. If your license becomes invalid, the title to your car and any other transactions tied to it also become invalid.

I ask, “What are people to do with the cars they have bought, or are in the process of buying?  Is this going to be extended to house deeds and other property documents?

What can people expect for the near future?  Will they be able to cash in what they have worked for? Or on the contrary, will unscrupulous individuals take advantage of the situation and make a fortune with their misfortune?”

This does not look like a Christmas season topic.  This is the time of year in which people forget about all their worries and proceed to spend, eat and enjoy the jolly season.

In contrast this is also the season in which those who suffer feel even more the hardships of life.

Even though factory owners and businesses have presents, hams and candy to give out, in the face of adversity those on the receiving end want justice more than charity.  They want the right to work in peace, the claim to a decent salary, the possibility of enjoying a peaceful existence at home, work and while driving.

In this season when the word peace in called loudly everyday, there is no peace for the people who co-exist in the same area.  What possibility of peace with others half way around the world is there, if for those who are here there is no fair treatment and no love?

The best Christmas presents for US citizens are that they may not be treated as they treat others. Instead I wish that wherever they go understanding of their failures and limitations are met with compassion and friendliness.  That their children and grandchildren may enjoy the trusting peace that is earned through welcoming and embracing others. That they may travel throughout the world with the assurance that no harm will come to them because others will look out for their safety and well-being as they have done to foreigners in their land. That other cultures accept their language, cultural limitations and different religion as they have graciously accepted those of others in their midst.

If we embrace the Christmas season whole heartedly let us pray for peace on earth by following the divine command to love one another other as He loved us and make this true in every possible way.

This reflection may help us change the way in which we treat foreigners in our midst.

The beginning of the editorial speaks volumes to that effect.

Happy Holidays!