Peace on earth is what God intended for everyone and peace is based on justice and love.

If we are to have a lasting peace we have to work at living well with one another. Maybe the people who think only of profiting have not realized that their investments are also in danger if people continue to lose their right to work and enjoy the product of their work.

Last week there was a meeting in the city where I live. Most people ignore the fact that because of the changing laws in Indiana, from now on people will have to show a social security number in order to do business.

An example of this is the case of selling or purchasing a car, mobile or manufactured home.  It also applies to getting license plates and of course, vehicle registrations.

I do not know what the rules are in other states concerning titles and transactions, but in Indiana turning the driver’s license into a federal ID that requires a social security number in order to obtain it, has also created a problem for people who own certain properties and now find that their titles will be void.

Are these extreme steps the way to stop terrorism in United States, or on the contrary is it the way in which anger accumulates until it turns to violence?

The individuals who have come to this country, chose to come.  They also chose to remain here; therefore they work, spend and invest in the country.

Can anyone think that the 12 million ‘undocumented’ workers pose any danger to the country?  They work the fields, the factories, the hotels and many other service industries.  They want and expect the country to do well.

It is in their best interest that the US grow and improve, so why is the government persecuting them?  And if they are supposed to leave, shouldn’t they have the opportunity to cash in what they have earned?  Do they have the right to own and sell their possessions without laws taking away what they have earned?

Many of the people who attended the informational meeting about the licenses and titles in Indiana were surprised about what was happening.  They did not know what takes place in their state, their city and for that matter many times we do not know what the government does.

Did we have the right to declare war to Iraq? And now does Iran really have nuclear weapons?

According to the government the climate change is a fabrication and the Kyoto agreement harms the US.  The economy is going down because of the housing slump, and because of China’s way of doing business.  Can we question that and many other things?  Can we at least question the new laws concerning titles in Indiana?

Could you please go to the Indiana government page and look at the BMV rules for titles? Can we do something about it?

Do we need and want peace in the United States? If we do, then let’s be fair.