Cameras in courtrooms pilot starting December 1

The Indiana Supreme Court has authorized a pilot project for cameras to be allowed in five trial courts starting in December 2021 for broadcast coverage. The project also allows for rebroadcasting of any live-streamed proceeding with approval from the judge.

The Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct (Rule 2.17) prohibits judges from allowing court proceedings to be broadcast. Under the pilot project, the Court will permit the following trial courts an exception to Rule 2.17:

•     Allen Superior Court (Criminal) — Judge Frances Gull

•     Delaware Circuit Court 1 — Judge Marianne Vorhees 

•     Lake Superior Court, Civil 7 — Judge Bruce Parent

•     Tippecanoe Circuit Court — Judge Sean Persin

•     Vanderburgh Superior Court — Judge Leslie Shively

Also, any live-streamed proceeding, regardless of judge, may be rebroadcast with approval from the judge.

The four-month pilot is limited to news media and is under the discretion and authorization of the trial court judge. Courtroom decorum and several conditions must be maintained for the media coverage and are detailed in the order. Permission must be requested 48 hours in advance and be in writing on a court-provided form. A directory of court contact information can be found online. Additionally, many trial court calendars and trial court remote video hearings are online.

The broadcast pilot project was developed in conjunction with the Hoosier State Press Association and the Indiana Broadcasters Association under the direction of theCommunity Relations Committee and the Court Security Committee