Letter of support for Phil Lederach for City Council District 5 in Goshen

Dear editor,

One of the things I have learned on city council is that how you write an ordinance makes a big difference in what happens with that ordinance. In writing an ordinance, one must first understand the issues at hand. Second, an ordinance needs a strong process for what is being considered. And third, an ordinance needs an impact statement to indicate something significant will change because of the ordinance.

In writing ordinances, you also need someone with leadership experience who understands how systems work. 

For this reason, I am supporting Phil Lederach for City Council, District 5.  Phil has spent years writing and implementing policies in our local school systems. He has experience supporting access for all students, he has led teams that tackled difficult budget issues, and he was an accomplished and successful teacher and administrator.

With Phil’s experience, Goshen is in for more solid ordinances that will make our community a better place to live. Please vote for Phil Lederach on November 7.

-Gilberto Pérez Jr.
Goshen, IN