By Zulma Prieto

Every election brings with it a multitude of thoughts, fears and hopes.

This past election was no different. People attended meetings and had conversations about the future, hoping for a brighter one.

Candidates were listened to, ads were watched and campaign promises were heard.

In every election there are a number of things to consider that go beyond party lines and are closer to the heart and the current local situation.

Over the past few years, little by little, the city grew in understanding, acceptance and willingness to work with others.

In Goshen, Indiana, the people elected the first woman mayor and, along with her, a Latino treasurer.

Under previous administrations, the city improved in many areas and created new ones, such as an emphasis on the arts and a new sustainability department. Finances have improved and the city is one of the few that has sufficient resources and backup for any contingency.

Although most areas showed improvement, state influence had to be accepted in matters such as curriculum in schools and content control in libraries.

A new generation of young people ran in these elections and several won. 

El Puente congratulates Mayor Gina Leichty and all those who won this past election.  We also want to congratulate all those who ran, for running a clean and friendly campaign. That attitude rubs off on everyone in the city, reminding them that we can work together for a common good that is the promise of hope instead of fear, of progress instead of stagnation.

Let us hope that in the next local and national elections we remember these lessons and are able to apply them.